History, Quality, Reliability, Innovation, Affordability

For three decades the Crestar line of nozzles and fire equipment has been serving the fire industry around the world.  We attribute our success to offering a line of products that are reliable and innovative in a tough demanding market. We are a small company that understands the struggles that every fire department faces and we are proud to offer a quality line of products that are both affordable and dependable.


We are proud to build a reputation on offering quality products that are built to last.  We were the first to offer stainless steel spinning teeth and ball shut-off as standard items in our hand line nozzles.


Firefighting is a tough business and equipment takes a beating. All of the Crestar lines of products are designed to withstand the rigors of daily us in departments big and small. All our hand line nozzles use laser etched metals for flow indication bands where our competitors are using tape that will fade or peel.


As firefighting technology and methods change, we must evolve with it. We are committed to search out new products and ideas that keep up with this ever changing industry.


We are a small company dedicated to offering a quality line of products to the fire industry. We understand that in today’s economy budgets are getting tighter and departments are looking for alternatives that can meet their demands and still meet budget demands placed on them. This is where we can help you out. We may not be the biggest in the market, but we know we can offer a quality, reliable product that will meet your budget needs, today and tomorrow.